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Let’s get to know each other

We have been making “Cinta Senese DOP” Prosciutto and typical Tuscan cured meats since 1964,
in keeping with our family’s tradition.

We approach our craft as “artisans”, with passion, applying the teachings handed down from father
to son, choosing the finest raw materials, personally overseeing all stages of production,
to achieve the quality that distinguishes our products.

We are in Tuscany

We were blessed to be born in an area that is unique in the world.
Our family has always tried to express
the traditions of Tuscany and the culture of fine food in the products we make.

And it is right here that one of the oldest breeds of Tuscan pig, the Cinta Senese, originates. We have chosen to safeguard and promote this breed by devoting attention to the territory, breeding and production.

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Craftsmanship, tradition and territory

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