Works of Art

SINCE 1964

In the early 1960s, Franco RENIERI, who was born and raised in the Chianti Classico region,
turned his passion and that of the generations before him into reality.



Works of Art
Art, skilled dosing of natural herbs, spices and flavourings,
the secrets handed down from generation to generation, and meticulous selection of the finest meats
were finally embodied in the creation of the RENIERI prosciutto production company.

This was the beginning of the long journey that would bring it to be known and loved by people in the province of Siena and throughout Tuscany for the goodness, authenticity and unique flavour of its products.

Towards the end of the 1990s, after achieving his goals and passing on his art, his secrets and processing techniques to his children, who followed in his professional footsteps, Franco RENIERI decided to gradually hand over the reins of the company. His children took up the challenge, writing a new chapter in the story of the RENIERI family.

The foundations were laid for the development of a new company, an innovative, cutting edge production unit built on the same site, in Chianti Classico, that magical region between San Gimignano, Florence and Siena, where the gently rolling Tuscan hills create unique and unrepeatable harmonies.

More than twice the previous production potential to meet the needs and demands of a market that is increasingly sensitive to quality and authenticity.

foto storica Renieri

Craftsmanship and respect for tradition


Craftsmanship and respect for tradition


The company has always been committed to choosing certified raw materials, selecting only the finest quality. Only certified fresh meat is processed, rejecting the use of frozen meat on principle. Subject to legal obligations, every kind of industrial production ploy capable of modifying the nature and appearance of the products (water in the mixes, dyes, sugars and milk by-products) is also rejected.

Particular attention is paid to the observance of ageing times. All cured meats are aged according to natural ageing times, in specially designed, well-maintained rooms that encourage the natural exchange of air. In this case, too, all strategies aimed at accelerating the ageing of products, such as the addition of microbial starters or turbo-ventilated cells, are rejected.





All our products are free from food allergens (gluten, lactose, etc.). Moreover, all our sausages* are included in the ITALIAN COELIAC ASSOCIATION CODEX.

Our products contain no additives (nitrites, thickeners, dyes, etc..) to keep the appearance of the products stable. As a result, with time, oxidation may occur (the slice of cured meat tends to darken), or mould may appear on the surface. These events are to be considered completely natural and are an indication of absolute authenticity.
Renieri boasts a certified quality system, for a better guarantee of reliability and attention to customer satisfaction.

* only sausages are considered as “risk” foods for sufferers of coeliac disease, as prosciutto and cheese are naturally free from all sources of gluten